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CLYC History Page

CLYC History -  CLYC Celebrates 125 Years In 2024!  

The rich history of the club is the common thread that unites past and present generations of members centered around the love of sailing.  Preserving the past is essential for moving forward and teaching future generations all about the admirable traditions of Cedar Lake Yacht Club.

To help us celebrate, if you have items that you would like to see on display in the renovated CLYC club house or printed material added to the website,  please contact Mary Beth Carr, ( to make arrangements. With your help, the website and museum items will include a vast array of CLYC historical items.  

The CLYC History website information is currently under construction and will eventually include all the Keelhauler and Yearbook publications. 

In the meantime, enjoy a look at the  1899 CLYC Constitution, Bylaws, and Sailing Regulations

The CLYC scanned history archive access is currently under construction.