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Preparation and Safety

Every boat racing a major regatta, such as the ILYA Opti Championship, must satisfy this checklist.  The most commonly missed items are labeling the the boat parts with the sail number and the PFD with the sailor's name.  In addition to being required to support safety operations, these labels also ensure misplaced pieces will be returned

This check-list also includes both safety & requirement items and 'should dos'

From scratch boat rigging, including a description of how to rig the racing rig where the wind indicator shaft ('knitting needle') engages the head tie and top preventer.

Rigging guide with more pictures and some additional detail, especially on rigging the boom bridle

The Optimist class rules, for super nerds only!

Going Fast

Good streamlined tuning guide concentrating on the essentials.  There are literally dozens of tuning guides on the Internet from different experts and sailmakers, but in the Optimist, tuning minutiae is much less important than how the boat is sailed

Videos and Additional Tips